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* Shipment of the product is scheduled to start around February 7, 2021.



La FIT+a BLACK Shift Knob 【KURUMI】


La FIT+a BLACK is specially designed and crafted for the Abarth 595!


It is made of walnut which is known in Japan as one of the world’s three major *Meiboku. (*Meiboku is a wood which possesses characteristic beauty in its grain and is used for furniture among other things in Japan. KURUMI means Walnut in Japanese.)


La FIT+a BLACK Shift Knob is polished using beeswax to bring out the best characteristics of the wood.


The characteristics enhance the more it is handled. The more time passes, the more you will appreciate it!


La FIT+a Black instills a new enthusiasm for the Abarth 595.


Please use a rubber strap wrench to remove the original shift knob.


Price: 27,500 Japanese Yen


  • 在庫切れ

Even though the Shift Knob was polished prior to shipment,

please polish again using the enclosed beeswax

before attaching to the gear stick. 

La FIT+a BLACK CaféHolder A 【Series4】


  • 在庫切れ

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